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Quiz Builder

The Fluent IMS Quiz Builder App enables you to develop and administer custom quizzes for competency testing as part of your training program. Streamline your employee testing process and drive effective training with this user-friendly, web-based tool. This application works in conjunction with Fluent IMS's Training Management application.

  • Maintain the highest level of employee competency. Testing on knowledge requirements related to specific roles, tasks, locations, and levels of designation ensures employees are trained according to your organization's standards.
  • Easily evaluate the success of your training programs. Assess the effectiveness of your training program and if objectives are being met by aggregating quiz scores across groups of employees.
  • Choose any combination of multiple-choice and true-or-false questions.
  • Option to require users to answer correctly before continuing, or keep a score at the end of the quiz.
  • Allow quizzes to be re-taken or only once.
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